Free online class helps students meet employer expectations when entering the workforce

Alexandra Levit, Campus Calm’s Career Expert, just told me about an amazing FREE opportunity for twenty-somethings to better prepare you for the workforce launching today, November 1.

Says Alex: “I was on a committee that advised the Obama administration on how to improve the competitiveness of American employees…. Based on our recommendations, I worked with the Business Roundtable on a 90 minute online course that aims to better prepare twenty-somethings for the workforce. The course, JobSTART 101 (, focuses on skills like developing a professional reputation, communicating effectively with managers and colleagues, and solving problems autonomously. It launches on November 1 and I’m so proud that it will be free to all American college students and recent grads.”

The course includes video and workbook components that cover topics ranging from how to establish your e-brand and develop a professional persona to how to drive your career for long-term success. Be sure to check it out!

Maria Pascucci
Founder & President, Campus Calm

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