Youth Entrepreneurship Expert’s Tip of the Month – October

How do I become a young, paid, motivational speaker?

By: Brandon L. Griffin

When you speak in a group does everyone stop and listen? Has anyone ever said you have a great speaking voice? Do you have the tendency to encourage others when they have a bad day? Do they usually take positive action after speaking to you? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you may want to consider becoming a paid-motivational speaker. Yes, you can get paid for giving speeches!

Here are a few things that you can use as a guide as you explore this opportunity…

1. What’s your story? – Take some time to read your journal, and think about your past. What are some lessons you’ve learned, painful moments you’ve overcome, and what topics or issues genuinely excite you? All of this can help you determine topics for your presentation. Sharing your past experiences and offering other examples to support your message will allow the audience to relate and more likely to be responsive.

2. Nurture your speaking ability – Toastmasters is a group of individuals who gather to enhance their communication skills. I encourage you to visit to find where a group meets in your community. Also, many youth development organizations need guest speakers to meet program requirements. That said, begin looking for these opportunities – make a difference in the lives of these young people and gain speaking experience at the same time!

3. Promote Your Message – Often times, one might say, “Promote You” but I say “Promote Your Message”. Once you have developed your speech, and have become comfortable presenting it, prepare yourself to professionally promote you and the message you share with your audience. In your marketing pieces (flyers, postcards, websites, etc.), focus on the problem you help your audience solve. Do you help them create more time in the day by sharing time management tips? Do you help individuals overcome the pain caused from the loss of a pet? What is it about your presentation that makes people respond in a positive way? Use testimonials and other newspapers articles that may have been written about you from other speaking activities (see step #2) to strengthen your credibility.

Once you begin speaking, the entrepreneurial opportunities are limitless. Many motivational speakers become published authors and develop products to help the audience.

The three tips above are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ on how to become a successful motivational speaker. I hope, however, it is enough information to inspire you to take action. After all, as the quote says, “you are the one the world is waiting for!”

~ Brandon L. Griffin, Youth Entrepreneurship Expert, Campus Calm™

About the writer: Born in Gary, Indiana, Brandon L. Griffin ( was the first person to be inducted into the Society of Innovators under the age of 18, and at the same age was named one of the 20 most successful business people under the age of 40 by BusINess Magazine. He is the founder of FyeBye, Inc. ( which publishes FyeBye Magazine and organize events designed to engage students in activities to enhance leadership skills and create entrepreneurship awareness. He has established a charitable fund for the social cause called the Brandon L. Griffin Foundation – A Fund of Tides Foundation. Together the Foundation and FyeBye, Inc. provides resources to cultivate their vision of the 22nd Century Youth.

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