20 Something Career Expert’s Tip of the Month – August

How to Close the Deal in a Job Interview
By: Alexandra Levit, reprinted with permission from Alexandra Levit Blog

What do you do if you’re in the final round of the interview process and your last few minutes with the hiring manager? What can you say to seal the deal? Here are some ideas:

• Express enthusiasm about the position and appreciation for the time they’ve given you and the opportunity to interview.
• Reiterate the problems they’re looking for the new hire to solve, and summarize exactly what you’ll do to address them.
• Ask thoughtful and pertinent questions about the organization and the position to show that you are concerned about fit as much as they are.
• Ask about next steps and when you should expect to hear from them regarding a decision. Inquire if they would mind if you followed up.
• When leaving, drop in something personal the interviewer has shared with you over the course of the process. For example, if he mentioned his 9 year-old daughter, tell him you hope his daughter enjoys her summer.

~ Alexandra Levit, 20 Something Career Expert, Campus Calm™

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