Freshman Transition Expert’s Tip of the Month – April

First Year Students in Transition Expert Tip of the Month
April 2010

Spring has finally sprung and finals are (most likely) a month away. Whether this is your first term in college or your second, here are some useful tips you can put to use during this last month of your semester leading up to finals week.

1. Don’t be shy: Sit up front
Sit in front of the class. Studies show that students who sit upfront in class earn higher grades overall. If you tend to sit in the back, distractions will more likely incur and you may be less attentive.

2. Note taking:
Hear it, write it, see it! Take notes during every lecture and after class, review your notes often. Professors are more likely to have information from their lectures on exams.

3. Study Tips:
Review your notes and textbook readings often. Try to reflect on the information discussed in class and in your readings and try to connect these class themes and theories to your life which will help keep the course work in your long term memory.

Studying in a group can change it up a little and help review any concepts you may find confusing or may have missed during a lecture. Keep distractions to a minimum while studying. Find a quiet place in the library or somewhere you feel you can maximize your study time. Studying in your dorm lounge is not an ideal location for quiet study.

4. Sleep, sleep, sleep:
Pulling all nighters and cramming is not an ideal method for studying.

5. Preparing the day of:
Make sure to eat breakfast, don’t be in a rush to your exam and to take a few deep breathes to relax and to slow down your thoughts. See the major themes and concepts in your mind and connect them in your thoughts prior to the beginning of the exam session.

6. Good luck and make sure to reflect on your first final exam experience. None of us are perfect and you can always learn how to improve preparing for finals for the Fall semester.

-Suzanne Lagemann, First Year Students in Transition Expert, Campus Calm

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