Fitness Expert’s Tip of the Month – May

Top 10 Workouts For the Busy and Budget-Strapped

I know many people skip their workouts because they are too bored with the same old jog, or weight
training program, and struggle to think of something new to do. Here are my favorite workout ideas when
your time, and budget are limited. These exercises will help make you fit, healthy, and strong. Of course
before trying any new fitness routine, you may need to evaluate your current health and/or check in with
your doctor. Always listen to your body, and work within your limits.

10 – Group Sports
Remember the days of playing outside with your friends? Many of us headed outside after school, and
stayed out until dinner time, riding bikes, playing tag, playing sports, and more. If you have a group of like
minded fitness friends then make a regular time to meet at the park and do some sort of workout. Even
taking cues from your childhood could lead to new fitness routines, and improved strength. Using the
best waist training corset, can also help you tighten up your abs.

9 – Swimming
Living in Southwest Florida, the white sandy beaches, and hot summer days, and beautiful blue waters call
to many of us. If it is hot and you feel like you should do something healthy then go for a swim. Swimming
can be an amazing workout, to strengthen your entire body, and increase your endurance.

8 – Jumping Rope
I love jumping rope, because it makes me feel strong. Also, a 10 minute skipping session is probably worth
about 30 minutes of jogging (depending on your pace) which may save you time and give you something
new to practice. Jump ropes are cost effective tools, that can shape your shoulders, tone your legs, and
increase your cardiovascular endurance. They pack easily, and can be used anywhere.

7 – Hiking
Hiking is an amazing workout. An all day hike is good for the body, and the soul. It challenges your core,
helps your stability, strengthens your legs, increases your stamina, and more.

6 – 100’s
When you’re looking for an amazing way to measure your progress and want to boost your overall fitness
level try 100’s. Take any exercise you can think of and do 100 repetitions. Then, think of another exercise
and do another 100 repetitions. Obviously this is an ambitious goal. Start with a lower number like 20 and
work your way up by 10’s until you reach 100.
For example, try 20 minute workouts of:
• 100 crunches;
• The 100’s from Pilates
• 100 pushups;
• 100 squats
• 100 bicep curls
• 100 jumps with a jump rope
By the end of it you should feel tired, and totally invigorated.

5 – Variations of 1 Exercise
If you travel frequently, don’t have a gym membership, and/or are limited on time, try the Variations
Workout. The idea is to take one exercise and do it in all different ways for a whole workout. For example,
do pushups for 20 minutes in a variety of variations. Try a normal width pushup, a wide one, narrow one
focusing on your triceps, a declined pushup, an elevated one… keep changing positions until you have
exhausted them all.

Start with a reasonable number, based on your current fitness level and add 10 each time you do this
workout. If you only have a total of 30 minutes, try this with 2–3 exercises do each exercise for 10 minutes,
and then change to another body part.

4 – Hill Sprints
Hill sprints work your whole body, and really test your fitness level. Two or three sessions of these a week,
is worth double that amount of jogging. Your heart rate increases higher in a shorter amount of time, and
your body will be pushed to its limit. You’ll burn more calories than jogging alone, and change up your
workout a few times a week.

3 – Circuits
For your circuit workout, use one exercise for each muscle group, and perform them one after the other
with no breaks in between. Then work your way back down to the start. Some great exercises for a good
circuit are:
• Pushups
• Crunches
• Bicep Curls
• Squats
• Overhead Press
• Chin Ups
• Dips

2- Dance
Put on your favorite tunes and dance! You can do this any where, and at any time. No dress code required,
no reservations required.

1- Hula Hoop
Want to feel young, carefree, and alive again? Grab a hula hoop and hula! See how long you can go
swirling it around your hips. Time your sessions and work your way up to several minutes at a time. Your
core will work, your balance may be challenged, your waist may become slimmer, and your energy will

Just remember, fitness, and healthy living, is about incorporating workouts into your lifestyle. Finding things
that you love and that make you feel good, healthy, and fit. It’s not about being perfect, wearing the ideal
outfit, or joining the best gym. Fitness is about being consistent, at times pushing yourself further, and
sometimes pulling back, or taking a day off. Listen to your body, and have fun exploring your full potential.

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~ Amy Lademann, Fitness Expert, Campus Calm

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