Recent College Graduate Expert’s Tip of the Month – March

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The Power of Throwing Away 10 Things a Day
By Nancy Barry
Speaker and Author of When Reality Hits: What Employers Want Recent College Graduates to Know

Look around. What do you see? Stacks of paper everywhere? There aren’t many people who can operate at their peak if their desk is a mess. If you find you’re spending more time looking for the work you need to do than doing the work, you need to take the time to get organized.

If you work with a Type A personality, your messy desk is going to make that person nervous. What if your boss walks by your office and sees your messy desk? Now she may hesitate to give you an exciting new project because she doesn’t think you could handle the extra work, based on the work she saw stacked on your desk.

What if a client drops by unexpectedly? He walks in your office and sees your messy desk, then walks out wondering if you’re going to be able to handle the big order he was about to place. It could happen.

What’s in those stacks? If something happened and you were out of the office for a while, could someone else on the team do your job? You may know what’s in those stacks, but will your colleagues?

At the beginning of the year, I decided it was time to organize my stacks of paper. Every day, I throw away or file at least 10 things. Once you get started, it’s almost hard to stop! Want to join me in my goal to clear the clutter? You can start today by tossing out 10 things you don’t need, then do it again tomorrow. Experts say if you do something every day for 30 days it becomes a habit. I know it has for me and it feels great!

~ Nancy Barry, Recent College Graduate Expert, Campus Calm

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