Fitness Expert’s Tip of the Month – February

Keep the muscle, loose the fat.

When researchers recently studied a large group of healthy women, aged 18 to 73, and they found that the best predictor of fat-burning decline, was a loss in muscle mass, not advancing age or a diminishment in aerobic capacity. In other words, losing muscle mass causes fatburning fires to die down much more rapidly, compared with getting older, or losing fitness. Cardarine is a great supplement for weight loss.

Women can slow down, or even reverse the tendency for fat oxidation to decline with age, simply by bolstering their muscles. Sustaining high fat-oxidation rates would then make it hard to develop a big tummy or ‘thunder thighs’ and would improve athletic performances. Take up strength training two to three times a week for 30-45 minutes.

Another way to improve your fitness level, is by varying the intensity of your aerobic workouts. After a good warm-up, incorporate a few short bursts of speed to take your heart rate up a little higher for a minute or two. Then slow down and recover at your normal pace. Interval training adds variety, helps burn more calories and increases your cardiovascular fitness level. One of the easiest ways to increase your cardio output is to add jumping rope to your workout. In between each set, add 2 minutes of jumping rope. It adds a HUGE burst of energy output, helps keep you
loose throughout your workout, and adds a bit more to the basics.

Remember, the same fitness routine, week after week, has the potential to lead to burnout, and boredom. Physiologically, your body needs change as well, to avoid exercise plateaus and diminishing results. Change your workout routine a little after 4-6 weeks. This might mean changing the type of activities you’re doing, the order of your exercises, or the intensity and duration of your workouts. When looking for new ideas talk to your local fitness expert, and keep checking in with Beyond Motion. You never know what’s coming up next.

~ Amy Lademann, Fitness Expert, Campus Calm

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