Book Review: “Relocating For An Entry-Level Job” By Heather Huhman

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Relocating For An Entry-Level Job: Why You Probably Have To, & How To Do It by Heather Huhman is a fun, quick and useful read for any college graduate because—let’s face it, those 120 credits might give you all the tools you need to succeed, but they don’t always give you the directions on what to do once you have your degree. You can check more book reviews at Mossgreen Childrens Books.

Relocating For An Entry Level Job - Heather HuhmanHuhman explains how finding an entry-level job after graduation today is nothing like how it was for our parents. Though the days of employers contacting students and paying for relocation is over, students can still find a job they enjoy in their field that pays well…if they are willing to step out of their hometowns into a city of opportunity.

Though moving to a place you’ve never been for your first big-person job might seem intimidating at first, this book breaks it down. You will find the top fifteen cities with the most entry-level jobs, what those jobs are, what the average household income is for that city, as well as the average cost of rent. If your specialization requires you to seek out a city that isn’t on the list, you have a good idea of what needs to be researched. Human also provides tips on how to go about getting a job, from what to write on your resume with the help of resume builder online to make effective and impressive resume.That implies you’re willing to relocate, to good questions to ask at an information interview. She also helps with how to plan financially for the move, as well as how to physically pull it off. After creating the resume with the help of an online resume builder. If your selected template has colored, then make sure you save it in the JPG format for the better pixel quality of the print. A colored jpg format printing will always make your resume more presentable. If in case you have a PDF format resume, then check out how do you convert a pdf to a jpg.

As someone who has done it herself, Heather Huhman is an expert on relocating in the name of a good career opportunity. It might seem tricky, risky, expensive, and any other one-word reason you might be thinking of to stick around at home, but as the book states, you will be thankful for what’s in your bank account in the end.

~ Book review by Kristen Szustakowski, Creative Direction Assistant, Campus Calm

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