Mental Health Survival Expert’s Tip of the Month- December

I love the holidays more than I should probably admit. I love the presents, the adorned pulpit at church, and the quality family time. I am a sucker for early morning black Friday sales, enormous tacky trees with huge ornaments, and lots of cheesy music. I am often inclined to forget what the holiday season is really about. The season is not about who has the cutest tree, whether or not I get the Wii Fit I want, or how loud I can blast my Mariah Carey Christmas CD. I think, no matter your beliefs, that the holiday season is a time to focus on charity. Charity is defined as “help, tolerance, or impartial love.” In this simple definition, there is a whole lot of meaning.

How can you HELP?- This may mean listening a little bit longer to the ramblings of your 90 year old grandfather this year, or offering to chop wood for the fire, or serving those less fortunate at a neighborhood soup kitchen.

How can you TOLERATE?- This might be something as simple as actually listening to your Uncle’s opposing political views at the dinner table, smiling with pride when you open the “awesome sweater” your Mom is bound to give you (think puffy paint, bedazzling, and a really yucky collar), or choosing to relax your mind when you have to schlep from house to house to house.

What is IMPARTIAL LOVE?- This means love without condition. Showing love and giving love to each person with whom you come in contact, no matter the circumstances.

This season, think CHARITY- I promise it will do you and those around you a world of good.

~ Colleen Coffey, Mental Health Survival Expert, Campus Calm

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