Resiliency Expert’s Tip of the Month- November

I opened my email this morning to a blog update from one of my favorite authors, Mike Robbins, who writes about personal empowerment. His message for the day was that “Worry Never Works”. How true this is! Stress and worry rob us of the physiological state that we need to be in to thrive and do our best. We know from years of research in the field of emotional psycho-physiology that stress, worry, and anxiety also wreak havoc on our health and thinking too. Instead, when we take time to breathe and focus on all that we are grateful for, a physiological shift actually occurs in our bodies through our heart rate patterns that optimize our performance and functioning. For some excellent resources on “Solutions for Stress” from the Institute of HeartMath, check out the following website/link:

And if you’re curious about why “Worry Never Works”, check out Mike’s blog by clicking here. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, remember to take time out to pause and express appreciation for the gifts in your life. While worry may never work, gratitude can. 

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