Networking Expert’s Tip of the Month – November

A recent BusinessWeek cover story called today’s graduates “The Lost Generation,” citing statistics that young people who graduate in recession years continue to earn less over the long-term course of their careers.

This weekend, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert addressed the same issue, writing:

“These recent graduates have done everything society told them to do. They’ve worked hard, kept their noses clean and gotten a good education (in many cases from the nation’s best schools). They are ready and anxious to work. If we’re having trouble finding employment for even these kids, then we’re doing something profoundly wrong.”

Like BusinessWeek and Herbert, I am very worried about the situation for recent college graduates. Today I want to share with you what I’m doing about it:

I have and always will pay any interns who work for me. If you are a business owner, I ask that you do the same. (more…)

~ Lindsey Pollak, Networking Expert, Campus Calm

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