Parent Resource Expert’s Tip of the Month – August

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS): Supporting Education Through Part-time Work

If your student plans on working to support their college education, you may want to look into a work-study position which allows students to gain part-time employment that is partially funded by the federal government. Students can seek work through the university itself or even other public or private agencies that are eligible for FWS allocations. Employers, who can be on or off campus, are required to contribute 25% of the student’s wages while the federal government will pay the remainder. Work-study jobs range from dining hall and bookstore positions to those focused on serving the surrounding community.

How does my student get a work-study position?

Students who are interested in a work-study position should first fill out the standard FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid). On this form, they should request FWS and check back with the student aid office to see if they are eligible for a work-study award. While all universities operate a bit differently, most have websites that can guide you through the process of finding an employer, either on or off campus, who accept work-study students.

How much will my student get paid?

Work-study positions operate just like a regular part-time jobs- they are just funded differently. Students cannot receive less than minimum wage and often receive more depending on the position. The student is promised an initial amount in their financial aid award and cannot earn more than this during the award year.

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~ Parent Resource Expert, Campus Calm

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