Youth Entrepreneurship Expert’s Tip- Aug

The life of an entrepreneur is full of meetings, phone calls, and projects that only the “CEO” can do. Sometimes these projects are the ones dreaded most by “the great one”! Today, I finally finished a task that has been on my To-Do List for three months. Yes, three months! After I finished this daunting task of data entry, I was so relieved. In this blog, I thought I would share with you three things that helped me “get into the mood and finally get ‘er done!”

Identify what you would like to accomplish a day prior, if possible. This way, you wake up with a working attitude, ready to tackle everything before you!

Make sure you are well rested, not hungry, and with ear phones listen to a song that puts you in good spirits. Ear phones help you to block out unnecessary noise, including your cell phone which should be on SILENT!

Recognize points of completion with breaks…
-After you’ve completed a desired amount, take a water break, Facebook break, and return to complete your next set!

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