20 Something Career Expert-Aug

Taking a few minutes from your schedule to locate key resources before you launch your first job hunt can save you time (and headaches!) when you are stressed-out.  So, go ahead and  locate the following resources that you will more than likely need during your job hunt now:

Overnight Mail Service:  You never know when you will need to overnight a document to a prospective employer, so find out where the closest 24-hour, overnight mail service retailer is located before you need their services.
Same-Day Dry Cleaner:  Accidents happen and you do not want to be caught without appropriate attire for an interview.  So, know where you can get your clothes dry cleaned in one day so that you avoid frantically driving around town the day before your interview looking for a dry cleaner that offers this service.

Campus Print Shop:  In the event that your personal printer stops functioning just when you need to print copies of your resume, know where your campus print shop is located and their hours of operation.  It is also worthwhile to know the closest location of a FedEx Office.
Campus Computer Support:  Having the phone number for your campus’ computer support handy might prove to be a lifesaver if you run into technical troubles in the midst of your career search.  So find their number now and hope that you never need to use it!

Campus Career Center:  You will not only need to know where your campus career center is located and how to get in touch with your career counselor, you will need to become “best buddies” with this all-so-important individual.  So take the first step and go find them before other students fill their schedule.

Meeting Location:  Scope-out potential meeting locations for informational and off-campus interviews before you start your career search so that when an interviewer asks you for a suggestion for a great meeting location, you can select one on the spot.  In selecting a location, make sure it has ample, complimentary parking, a quiet atmosphere, and plenty of indoor seating.

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