Teen Parenting Expert’s Tip of the Month – July

We are Free to Choose
By Barbara McRae, MCC

As we celebrate the 4th of July in the US, it’s important to remember that no matter where you live or who you are, you can choose to feel free.

In each moment, we have the opportunity to choose the state of being free no matter what the external circumstances are! Maybe you think this is a bold statement? The truth is that your awareness of your internal responses (mind chatter) to outside events will allow you to experience personal freedom and serenity in any situation.

Why is that? It’s because your thoughts are all that matter. And when you deliberately choose to harbor thoughts that allow you to feel free, that becomes your reality.

Today I spoke with a young client who lives at home. She was feeling highly annoyed with her brother’s grumpy attitude. It was ruining her day. She didn’t realize that no one can take her inherent freedom unless she allows it.

If you allow the words, opinions, or gestures of other people (family, friends, coworkers, bosses, etc.) to disturb you, then you are not free in that moment. As soon as you recognize that you have given your attention to their words, you can take it back and place it on something more pleasant.

My coaching client decided to stop her internal drama by using this savvy success strategy. She refused to entertain the thoughts in her head that her brother was purposely attempting to irritate her. As she let go of that interpretation, she freed herself from feeling annoyed.

For most people this is not an easy task; it requires patience, persistence, and practice to implement this success strategy; but feeling great is worth it! And remember that practice does not mean attempting something only once or twice. Many athletes, including the Williams’ sisters at Wimbledon, practice four to ten hours a day!

When the reward of feeling free is important enough to you, you won’t mind committing to your goal and doing what it takes to accomplish it.

Wishing you savvy success!

Barbara McRae
Campus Calm Parent/Teen Expert

[We are Free to Choose is an excerpt of Less Drama,
More Fun
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