Response to “No right brain left behind: Must kids prep for ‘risk-taking’?

Thank you to Marco R. della Cava of the USA Today for writing “No right brain left behind: Must kids prep for ‘risk-taking’?

The following is my response to the article:
Far too many students today are terrified to be creative and take a chance on learning if it means earning a less than perfect grade in the process. That is a tragedy because it undermines the whole purpose of being in school in the first place. If we want a workforce filled with creative thinkers who aren’t afraid to take risks, we need to teach our young people the following things about life:

1. It takes courage to make a mistake, learn from it and keep going;
2. Every time you’re successful in life you had to explore and “fail” somewhere along the line to get there;
3. We have to develop a sense of identity that’s separate from our achievements and our failures. If our whole self-worth isn’t dependent on our performance in life, it will be far less scary to be more creative, more entrepreneurial, more right-brained and try new things.

~ Maria Pascucci, founder & president, Campus Calm
Author, Campus Calm University

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