Mental Health Survival Expert’s Tip of the Month- July

Happy Independence Day!

As you reflect on the freedom of our country, it is also important to note the  freedom that comes from mental wellness. An estimated 80-90% of all people who seek help see a vast improvement in their symptoms. Many lead a totally typical and enjoyable life. So, the next time you or someone you know may need professional help, encourage help seeking.

The freedom of wellness means that…

• You are able to do things you enjoy and REALLY feel like they are worthwhile.
• Your mind is clear to study, love, sleep, eat, and laugh.
• Your routine can change and you embrace it.
• You handle difficult times by acknowledging your feelings but not wallowing in them.
• You handle crisis by talking it through and knowing things will get better.
• You make sound choices about your current and future life.
• You are able to talk about your emotions freely and openly with others.
• You are at peace with who you are and what you are doing.
• You are connected to people.
• You have a purpose.

Remember, that oftentimes it is important to seek help to be able to experience the freedom described above and other times, you may need the simple support of friends and family or a change in your day to day life. There is a wealth of opportunity out there for you and it is your responsibility to be emotionally free! This July, think about the above
list- what do you need to do to experience a life like this?

~Ross Szabo, Mental Health Survivor Expert, Campus Calm, with Colleen Coffey

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