Career Planning Expert’s Tip of the Month – July

‘Find a Last-Minute Summer Internship in Seven Easy Steps’

Summer is here! You’re excited because you are ready for some summer fun. At the same time, you’re nervous about not finding a summer internship. At this stage in the game, most of you would probably give up and hope for better luck next year.

But it’s not too late! You can still snag an awesome summer internship if you’re willing to kick your efforts into high gear. So here are a few tips for landing a last-minute summer internship:

Tip #1: Get Your Résumé in Order
When you’re looking for a last-minute internship, time is of the essence. You’ll need to shoot off a résumé the moment an opportunity arises. Don’t run the risk of missing out on a great internship because you need time to whip your résumé into shape. Get it together ahead of time so you can pounce on the opportunity when it presents itself.

Tip #2: Talk to Your Professors
Your professors are a great resource that you need to take advantage of. Talk to them about what you’re looking for in a summer internship. You never know what connections they may have, or they may be able to connect you with someone who does know the right people. Also, be sure you can drop your professor’s name when you solidify that connection.

Tip #3: Talk to Your Friends, Family, and Neighbors
You never know what you might find in your backyard until you go looking for it. Neighbors, friends, and even extended family aren’t likely to bring up their internship knowledge in everyday conversation. Be sure to let them know what you’re looking for and they might be able to help you make a connection that seals the deal. Again, be sure you can use their name when you connect with your new contact.

Tip #4: Reach Out to Your Community and Expand Your Network
When you’re on the hunt for a last minute internship, pounding the pavement is always a good way to jumpstart your search. Reach out to your local community and see what you come up with. Connect with realtors, teachers, pastors, and anyone else you might know. Let them know that you’re looking for an internship position. They won’t be able to turn down a hard-working student who’s willing to do their due diligence.

Tip #5: Connect with Someone at Your Dream Firm
If you don’t know anyone with a connection at your desired company, you just might have to make one yourself. Find a common interest with someone at the company—someone that was in the same sorority, went to the same college, or is from the same area—and reach out to them on that level. Once you’ve established the relationship you can ask them about internship opportunities at their company.

Tip #6: Look in the Non-Profit Arena
The non-profit arena is a very respectable place to find internships. Not only will you find a great internship for your résumé and experience, you’ll make a contribution. You’ll be giving your time to a great cause and helping them find the man-power they need without dipping into the already dwindling budget. An internship with a non-profit has a double-sided presence on your résumé.

Tip #7: Contact a Small Business and Propose an Internship
Right now, small businesses need staff but might not have the budget for more employees. By calling local small businesses and proposing an internship, you are helping them solve a problem. Try suggesting an internship in a department they might not have considered and see what happens.

When it comes to finding a summer internship, it’s important to employ all of your resources. You never know where that magic opportunity will appear and you want to be ready for it when it does.

~ Courtesy of The Résumé Girl, Lauren Hasson, Career Planning Expert, Campus Calm

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