Twentysomething Crisis Survival Expert’s Tip of the Month – June

By: Christine Hassler

Picture this: You are running late and hit unexpected traffic.  Everyone on the road seems to be over 80 years old or fresh out of Drivers Ed class. How do you react?  Does all the frustration manifest into driving more aggressively and critiquing aloud your fellow drivers? Are you guilty of road rage?  I will admit that sometimes the kind, giving, and patient Christine is replaced by an aggressive, short-fused and territorial Christine behind the wheel.  I laughed the other day after I observed myself becoming totally offended when someone cut me off in traffic.  I actually took it personally as I honked my horn hoping to make my point.  How ridiculous! And I’ve had the habit of being in a hurry, trying to choose the fastest lanes and racing to make it through the green lights.  Lately I’ve been more conscious of my driving as I realized that any time I engaged in the slightest form of road rage or rushing, I suffered.  Now I use my time behind the wheel as time to practice patience, generosity and presence.
This week, I invite you to become more conscious of who you are and how you are behind the wheel.  If the Tasmanian Devil starts to drive, take a deep breath and embrace your inner road angel. Use your car as a training ground to cultivate peace and calm regardless of what your external circumstances may be.  Practice patience. Be generous and kind to your fellow drivers – allow them in. SLOW down on your road of life so that you do not speed by opportunities.  Your destination is not going anywhere, enjoy the views along the way.   
Life is a Highway. You are the driver and who and how you are behind the wheel determines how bumpy the road will be. 

~ Twentysomething Crisis Survivor Expert, Campus Calm

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