Career Planning Expert’s Tip of the Month – June

Last-Minute Job-Hunting Tips for Graduating Seniors

Graduation is upon you. In fact, you may have already picked up your cap and gown. You’re excited because you are ready for the next phase of your life. You are done with mid-terms, syllabi, and 25-page papers. At the same time, you’re nervous about not finding a job. After all, the job search is tougher than ever, it’s the final hour of your college career, and you still don’t have a professional home. You can’t bear the thought of moving back in with mom and dad!

But it’s not too late! You can still land a great first job if you shift into overdrive on your job searching efforts. Here are a few tips for finding a great job on the fly:

Tip #1: Get Your Résumés in Order
When you’re looking for a last-minute job, every second counts. You’ll need to shoot off a résumé the moment an opportunity arises. Don’t run the risk of missing out on a great opportunity because you need 24 hours to whip your résumé into shape. Get it together ahead of time so you can pounce.

Tip #2: Be Flexible and Focused

When you need a job and fast, it’s important to broaden your spectrum of interest. In other words, setting your sights on your ideal job, in your ideal field, with your ideal company could leave you jobless. Your first job could look differently than you thought. The best part is that you could find a job in an exciting new field that you never even considered! Be open to the possibilities.

Tip #3: Apply for as Many Job Opportunities as Possible

It’s important to remember that—like most things—job hunting is a numbers game. The more applications and résumés you submit, the better your chances become of getting one of those opportunities. Be committed to increasing your chances by getting your résumé out there as much as possible.

Tip #4: Go to Every Interview
This one might seem like a no-brainer, but many students will pass over interviews if they think the opportunity isn’t for them, only to miss out on a great position. Go to every interview, even if you think the job isn’t for you. Not only will you brush up on your interviewing skills, you might discover something about the company or industry that you didn’t know before. Explore every opportunity to its fullest because you never know what you might find.

Tip #5: Consider an Internship after Graduation

Many graduating seniors aren’t ready to take on a full-time permanent commitment right after graduation. After all, it’s a big decision and you want to be clear on what you want. An internship is still an option, even if you’ve already graduated. Consider internships as well as volunteer or short-term positions. All are great ways to try a new job without the commitment and will help you gain experience and build your résumé.

Tip #6: Talk to Your Professors
Your professors are a great resource that you need to take advantage of. Talk to them about what you’re looking for in an opportunity. You never know what connections they may have or they may be able to connect you with someone who does know the right people. Also, be sure that you can drop your professor’s name when you solidify that connection.

Tip #7: Talk to Your Friends, Family, and Neighbors
You never know what you might find in your backyard until you go looking for it. Neighbors, friends, and even extended family aren’t likely to bring up job possibilities in passing conversations. Be sure to let them know you’re looking and they might be able to help you make a connection that seals the deal. Again, be sure you can use their name when you connect with your new contact.

Tip #8: Reach Out to Your Community and Expand Your Network
When you’re on the hunt for a last minute job, pounding the pavement is always a good way to jumpstart your search. Reach out to your local community and see what you come up with. Connect with realtors, pastors, teachers and anyone else you might know. Let them know what that you’re looking for in a position. They won’t be able to turn down a hard-working student that’s willing to do their due diligence.

When it comes to finding a job as a graduating senior, it’s important to do everything you can to achieve your goals. However, don’t panic if you don’t find the perfect job right away. A great job will come your way. A last-minute job hunt can really pay off.

~ The Résumé Girl, Lauren Hasson, College Planning Expert, Campus Calm

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