Sweepstakes: Help Your Friends ‘Chill Out Now’


2009 Help Your Friends ‘CHILL OUT NOW’ Sweepstakes

Brought to you by Campus Calm

Students: Get Rewarded For Your Good Deeds!
Sweepstakes Prizes Valued at Over $2,500 and counting!

Who: For high school, college and graduate students around the world.

What: Help Your Friends ‘Chill Out Now’ Sweepstakes. Get rewarded for your good deeds!

When: Through May 31, 2009.

Where: www.HelpYourFriendsChill.com

Why: April is National Stress Awareness Month and May is Mental Health Month.

But why chill out now? : According to the American College Health Association, stress is the number one life issue that students say affects their studies.

Exams, papers, reading assignments, labs, internships, job hunting, senior thesis, grad school applications, parents, professors … hello! Students need to chill out now!

While it’s cool to reward students by traditional measures of academic excellence, it’s time we also start rewarding young women and men who prioritize their health, and help their friends to do the same!

Contest Details:

Did you know?
According to a 2008 mtvU study of over 2,200 college students, 71 percent of students reported that they turn to friends for help when they’re in emotional distress.

How can you be a good friend to a fellow classmate in need by helping them to ‘chill out now’? We’ll reward you for being such a healthy role model!

Students are invited to tell the world how they help support “campus calm” for the betterment of their high school or college campuses. Some suggestions as to what we’re looking to hear about: Are you an RA whose door is always open to a stressed-out student in need? Do you work with your campus-counseling center or your guidance office to promote proactive healthy living to your peers? Do you volunteer your time to tutor struggling classmates in a subject that you excel in? Are you part of a student run media outlet that produces print, web, radio or television stories that help reduce mental health stigma, while encouraging students to find healthy outlets to manage their stress? Are you a “campus calm” role model for your friends? How do you personally try your best in school while prioritizing time to chill out now?

The format: 2 Ways to Submit

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