Recent College Graduate Expert’s Tip of the Month – April

Key Questions to Ask Your Boss
By Nancy Barry
Speaker and Author of When Reality Hits: What Employers Want Recent College Graduates to Know

Your ultimate goal in any job should be to meet (and hopefully exceed) the expectations of your boss. In order to meet their expectations, you have to know what they are. Most managers are so crazy busy they don’t take the time to clearly outline their expectations, so you should be the one to take the initiative to get the information you need to succeed.

In your first few weeks on the job, tell your boss you would like to schedule a meeting so you can make sure you completely understand their expectations. If people look at you as if you’re crazy, it’s only because you may be the first person who’s ever done this. (If you’ve been on the job for a while, it’s still a great idea to have this meeting.)

Here’s what you’ll want to ask your boss.

• What are your expectations? (If you don’t already have a copy of your job description, ask for one.)
• What is your preferred form of communication (in-person, e-mail, phone)?
• How would you like me to keep you informed? Would you like weekly or monthly updates on projects? Do you prefer detailed information or bullet-point summaries?
• What drives you crazy? (So you can avoid doing it.)
• What can I do to make your life easier?
• How will I know if I’m going a good job?

Not only will you gain some valuable information by asking these questions, your boss will love you for taking the initiative to find out what they expect.

~ Nancy Barry, Recent College Graduate Expert, Campus Calm

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