Youth Entrepreneurship Expert’s Tip of the Month – March

Question: How do you manage to balance college with a growing business? Do you have very little time for social activities?
– Sarah, H. (Hammond, Ind)

Sarah, managing time is like a business within itself; it is hard, but not impossible. I find myself doing better in this category every day. It helps that I have chosen to study fields that I have great interest in – Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  I may not be the best student, academically, but I do my best. One thing that works for me is setting specific times to get as much business related tasks completed so that I am able to focus on successfully completing school assignments. The best way for me to get focused on school assignments is to not think about business related tasks. I stop thinking about business tasks by getting them off my to-do list, and then there is nothing to think about! :-)

If anyone knows me, they know I never like to be idle. Don’t get me wrong, I watch my share of Family Guy, Grey’s Anatomy, and spend some time on Facebook, too!  You may even catch me with friends at the movies, traveling, or at a restaurant. If you listen, however, to our conversation, chances are we’re probably talking about what we want to do in the future. So I try to surround myself with positive and likeminded individuals – even in my spare time.

~Brandon L. Griffin, FyeBye
Youth Entrepreneurship Expert, Campus Calm

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