College Planning Expert’s Tip of the Month – March

3 summer programs for high school students
By Jessica Assimon Article courtesy of Next Step Magazine

When summer rolls around, the last thing you want to think about is anything educational. (This is your vacation, after all.)

But some high school students ditch the pool, lazy days with friends and summer spontaneity for a summer program that can mean learning in or outside of a college classroom.

Here are three to consider.

Wild Studies Bahamas Blue
Finally, a legitimate excuse to travel to the Bahamas!

During Wild Studies Bahamas Blue, students spend a week on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera Island learning skills like snorkeling and free-diving to study the marine environment.

Students in the program snorkel coral reefs, rock walls and mangroves; ocean kayak to explore islands; participate in data collection; study oceanography and geography and more. You can even earn college credit from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point ( for spending a week learning in paradise.

Any teen with a passion for protecting the environment and a desire to learn and explore in wild places should consider the Wild Studies Bahamas Blue program.

“Students attend our programs because they are modern-day adventurers living in urban and suburban environments,” says Tara Short, assistant director of the Wild Studies program. “They are compelled to get out and explore, and are concerned about the impact humans are having [on] the environment.”

For more information, visit

Rochester Scholars
The Rochester Scholars program at the University of Rochester is a great way to get your feet wet in the college experience. Through the program, you can test out potential majors or pursue something you already love.

Class subjects range from forensic science to communications, theater to engineering.

In the “What’s Up Doc?” class, students put sutures in pigskin; learn about the requirements of medical school; and hear the pros and cons of being a doctor. In the class “The Life and Times of Wonder Woman,” students study American history through the Wonder Woman comic.

For more information, visit

Savannah College of Art and Design Summer Seminars
Get ready to get creative at the Savannah College of Art and Design. SCAD offers weeklong residential or nonresidential summer seminars for high school students at its Savannah and Atlanta campuses.

Students in the program take two workshops each day.
Subjects include printmaking, painting, photography, game design and sculpture. Students also experience demonstrations, field trips, studio work and lectures.

“Students have access to the college’s resources, libraries and facilities,” says Mary Catherine Mousourakis, SCAD’s admissions communication manager. Supplies are also included. At the end of the weeklong seminar, students have the opportunity to showcase their work for their friends and family.

In the afternoons, students can choose to go on cultural outings, go shopping and attend social events.

For more information, visit or check out the SCAD Summer Seminars video on YouTube.

5 reasons you should consider a summer program
• It’s exercise for your brain over the summer.
• You will get a feel for college classes and life on campus.
• You can gain exposure to and experience in your field of interest.
• It’s a cool and impressive experience to have on your résumé.
• You’ll have a lot of fun and meet a lot of new people!

~ David Mammano, College Planning Expert, Campus Calm

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