Parent Resource Expert’s Tip of the Month – February

Encourage Your Student to Get to Know their Professors

The development of a student-faculty relationship is one of the most important things that your college student can do to achieve their overall objectives in their education. Encouraging your student to better know their undergraduate faculty is crucial to their academic and professional development.
In many cases, students simply do not feel comfortable in approaching faculty and initiating simple conversation. As an undergraduate, your student needs to keep in mind that their respective faculty members have been in their shoes. It is highly likely that they will be more than happy to accommodate your student’s needs.

The best approach a student can take to get to know their professors – regardless of the school and classroom size, is to be a productive member of the class by providing comments regarding class discussions. Additionally, participation in extracurricular activities, related to your student’s field of study can show their faculty members that they are a well-rounded individual.

The following list offers a few of the easiest ways for your student to get to know their professors:

• Classroom Participation
• Faculty Office Hours
• Research Projects
• Honors Program
• Job/Internship (paid or volunteer)
• Student Clubs (academic, Greek, cultural, etc.)
• Sports Participation (Varsity Athletics, Intramural, etc.)

Consistent interaction between your college student and their faculty members can provide their professors the opportunity to get to know your student better and perhaps one day serve as a reference for their graduate studies or career placement. Having “taken the path” themselves, faculty members will often provide insightful advice, guidance, and professional contacts that can enhance your student’s academic growth.

Article courtesy of University Parent Media


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