Mental Health Survivor Expert’s Tip of the Month – February

This month, make your heart smile….

Everywhere I look all I can see is red and pink. A gaggle of heart shaped balloons and fuzzy stuffed animals mocks me each time I enter the grocery store; and there is an ever looming question that runs through my mind “what am I doing on Valentine’s Day?”

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. The consistent reminder to the single and the pressure to those in relationships can, however, be very stressful.

Make your heart smile by considering the following:

• Spend Valentine’s Day with your most cherished friends
• End your conversations with those you love by saying “I love you because…”
• Take treats to your favorite class
• Do things that make your heart and soul the most happy (for me, it’s spending time with my dog- what is it for you?)
• Write a love letter to yourself. Begin by writing down all the things that you have done that make YOU proud
• Purchase some of those Valentines you used to get in elementary school and give them to folks you are happy to know
• Send your parents a Happy Valentine’s Day email
• Get yourself something nice and red to wear
• Watch a sappy movie and let yourself cry
• Give a little Valentine’s Day donation to your favorite non-profit organization

Holidays can be really taxing on your mental health. Make your heart smile and celebrate the love this February.

~Ross Szabo, Mental Health Survivor Expert, Campus Calm, with Colleen Coffey

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