Time Management Expert’s Tip of the Month – November

November, for me, was the month when I just wanted to walk away from school and never come back! The pressure is building and it can easily turn into stress. Create some relief from that pressure and stress by interspersing study and class time with exercise, some time in nature, some laughing, and something new. All of these activities are stress relievers. Studies show that when you give yourself a change of scenery, your mind is refreshed. So don’t be tempted to plod along for endless hours. You’ll be much more productive by taking some mind-rejuvenating breaks.

~Beverly Coggins is the Time Management expert for Campus Calm. She is the author of the 1-2-3…Get Organized series, including Three Steps to Time Management for the College Student, Three Steps to Clever Cleaning, Three Steps to Decluttering, Three Steps to Planning Dinner, and more, which are available at www.1-2-3GetOrganized.com.

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