New Book Helps Students Manage College Student Stress

CAMPUS CALM UNIVERSITY: The College Student’s 10-Step Blueprint to Stop Stressing & Create a Happy, Purposeful Life
By: Maria Pascucci

“Being perfect in college isn’t the gateway to success and happiness; learning and creating relationships are. Building networks and being excited about something does translate into jobs,” writes author Maria Pascucci in CAMPUS CALM UNIVERSITY: The College Student’s 10-Step Blueprint to Stop Stressing and Create a Happy, Purposeful Life (The Campus Calm University Press; October 2008; $19.95).

As a former college perfectionist, summa cum laude graduate and self-proclaimed “recovering stressaholic,” Pascucci is in a unique position to understand the pressures and anxieties that today’s students face. “Every time we talk about the dark side of overachieving, we reach young people and let them know they’re not alone when they feel stressed, anxious and uncertain about their futures,” writes Pascucci. The founder and president of Campus Calm, a national organization committed to helping young adults learn how to proactively manage stress, Pascucci receives letters every day from stressed-out high school and college students all around the world.

From a high school freshman: I pride myself on my academic accomplishments and when I don’t get a 100, I feel like I’ve failed….The thought of a 70 makes me shiver.
From a high school junior: Grade anxiety has completely taken over my life. During finals week, I suffered a major anxiety attack that caused me to go to the hospital.
From a college junior: I make myself sick if I receive anything less than an A on tests. I put my entire self-worth and identity into my academic accomplishments, trying to prove to everyone that I am talented.
From a college senior: Worry over GPA has caused me to suffer stomach problems, headaches, insomnia and panic attacks requiring medication. I am sitting here afraid to complete this huge project worth 50 percent of my grade because I’m afraid it won’t be “good enough.” Why? I have a 3.95 GPA and now I’m terrified of “blowing it.” AHAHAH. How can I give this up & not let it rule my life?

Drawing from her personal experience and interviews with medical and educational experts, Pascucci delivers an antidote to calm college student stress with what she calls her 10 mindsets to authentic success and happiness. From advice on how students can ditch their inner perfectionist and embrace lifelong learning, to what happens when they surround themselves with positive people and infuse their career search with PG passion, CAMPUS CALM UNIVERSITY delivers guidance and solutions to soothe the minds of today’s overscheduled, anxiety-ridden teens and twentysomethings.

In addition to Pascucci’s writings, CAMPUS CALM UNIVERSITY features original stories from Campus Calm’s team of Student Success and Happiness Experts, including David Mammano, publisher of Next Step Magazine, Christine Hassler, author of 20 Something Manifesto and Ross Szabo, director of youth outreach for the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign.

With humor, compassion and hard knocks life experience, Pascucci’s CAMPUS CALM UNIVERSITY delivers a call to action to students nationwide to find “Campus Calm” at any college and embrace the new paradigm of success characterized by joy, passion and purpose.

Maria Pascucci, the college student’s Stress-Less Life Coach, is the founder and president of Campus Calm and The International Campus Calm University student association. She serves as a College Stress expert for University Chic Media and is the editor of the Campus Calm department within FyeBye Magazine (For Young Entrepreneurs By Young Entrepreneurs). A former college perfectionist, summa cum laude graduate and stressaholic, Maria is a trailblazing young entrepreneur on a mission: to spread a dose of “Campus Calm” to stressed-out students worldwide. Campus Calm has been featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education and has attracted subscribers from all around the world. Maria’s website is

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Advance Praise:

College is simply one chapter in life’s journey, and a grade point average is little more than a sentence in that chapter. Obsessing over this or any single aspect of the higher education process robs students of the fun, richness and true educational benefits available by fully engaging in the overall college experience. Maria Pascucci has created a blueprint that will help students capture the true joy that should permeate every part of going to college. Her advice is invaluable for current and future college students … and great counsel for all of us who may from time to time lose sight of what is really important in life.

-Mark Jacobs, executive vice president of College Parents of America

It’s hard to believe that Maria Pasucci is less than a decade out of college. She writes with the wisdom and sympathy of an elder and the wit and coolness of her generation. Speaking with the assurance born of personal experience, Maria extends a most welcome hand to the pressured, stressed-out and frequently impaired students inhabiting our high schools and colleges. She is direct, honest, helpful and encouraging; her blueprint for reclaiming life comes not a moment too soon. I highly recommend her book for every high school and college student and also for parents who need to understand the costs to their children of our high-stakes, high-pressure culture.

– Madeline Levine, Ph.D., author of The Price of Privilege: How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage are Creating a Generation of Materialistic and Unhappy Kids

Campus Calm University should be handed out as every student walks into freshman orientation. Maria’s personal story and genuine tone make her one of the most relatable authors out there today. Her message is sure to make all students who read remind themselves they are ‘good enough.’ If you’re a student in college, run-don’t walk-to the nearest book store and pick up Campus Calm University; it’s a must-read.

-Stacy Nadeau, motivational speaker and Dove model, Campaign for Real Beauty


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