Fitness Expert’s Tip of the Month – September

Functional Fitness- Exercises that make healthy living even easier.

Being healthy and staying fit doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in a gym. You can begin a simple and effective program at home, or school with little equipment.

The mind is one of the most powerful forces on earth. Properly utilized, your mind can help you build one of the greatest bodies in the world. In order for this to take place you must concentrate on what you are doing at all times. By connecting your body and your mind you will not only develop a greater sense of body awareness, but also a more effective workout. During your workout ask yourself the following questions: Am I breathing consistently during the movements or am I holding my breath? Am I using the correct form to prevent injuries? Am I drinking water between sets? Am I able to challenge myself a bit further or is my body challenged enough for today?

If you are looking for a great cardio workout and you are bored with walking or running, try jumping rope. Begin by working up to 100 jumps before stopping and when this becomes simple work up to jumping for a few minutes at a time increasing your speed and varying your jumping style.

For something even more creative, how about hula hooping for 5 minutes at a time. You will need to use balance and strength from your feet, ankles and legs while engaging the muscles from your waist, core and back. To challenge your body further switch between 5-10 minute intervals of jumping rope and hula hooping.

Lunges regardless if they move you forward, backward or sideways are a great way to work your legs and glutes. Add in a row, over head press, or bicep curl with your exercise tube and you’ll add an additional component to work more muscles all at once.

Plank variations are a perfect way to strengthen your core, back, chest and shoulders. High planks from a push up position require chest, shoulder, back and core muscles to stabilize your body. Low planks on your forearms do not require as much work through your chest and shoulder muscles, but challenge your core and back even more. Add a leg lift just a few inches from the floor and all of a sudden you have targeted your lower abs even further.

Regardless of the activities you choose, remember to keep things simple and fun. Fitness should be part of your every day life not something done only once in a while. AND remember, every time you reach your fitness goal, set another one to continually challenge your body, mind and soul.

In health and happiness,

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~Amy Lademann
Fitness Expert, Campus Calm

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