Body Image Expert’s Tip of the Month – June

Summer is in full swing and you’re wondering if you are actually going to go to the beach this year. My unequivocal answer? YES.

Yes, you are going to the beach and, yes, you are going to wear a bathing suit, and no, you are not going to spend the entire day thinking about how fat you look in it. Thoughts are choices. They determine our reality. So this summer determine that your reality will be raucous and unselfconscious and full of laughter. Slash in the ocean. Play volleyball.

Counter negative thoughts with rational, self-protective ones. For example, counter “He is probably staring at my cellulite right now” with “He’s probably too busy talking about himself to even notice the size of my thighs.” Humor is always effective for me in the eternal battle to have more positive self-talk. Try it. And wear sunscreen.

~Courtney E. Martin
Body Image Expert, Campus Calm

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