Mental Health Survival Expert’s Tip of the Month – May

Don’t be fooled into thinking all-nighters help!

It’s that time of year where some unfortunate students end up with a week of downtime and then 2 or 3 finals on one day. If that sounds like your finals schedule don’t get sucked into the tragic myth that pulling an all nighter the night before will help you. If this isn’t your finals schedule then the same rule applies to you. Every study under the sun shows that you need sleep to be able to learn and process any and all information. People who don’t sleep before tests don’t do nearly as well as people who do sleep. If you’re stressed out about having any final start studying early. Make notecards, have study groups, call your parents and tell them what you need to know, but under no circumstances should you spend every minute of the night before the final studying as hard as you can. Most schools give you that week off so you have time to prepare. So take that time to manage and lay out a well structured plan of how you can learn the most you need to before the big day or days!

~ Ross Szabo
Mental Health Survival Expert, Campus Calm

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