Nutrition Expert’s Tip of the Month – May

The 4 R’s – Rest, Recuperate, Rejuvenate, Regenerate

So summer is fast approaching, finals will soon be over, everyone’s planning vacations, trips home to spend time with the family, picking up a summer job, maybe registering for a summer class … in other words, things will be changing a little bit and most will have a little less stress and a little more time to relax. So now is the time to focus on helping your body rest, recuperate, rejuvenate and regenerate.

Be hesitant to max out your schedule and focus on doing the things that may seem like luxuries during the school year: sleeping 8 hours, sitting down to eat home prepared meals (rather than eating on the run), swimming laps, playing tennis, getting massages, etc. And be cautious of that vacation mentality that whispers, “You don’t have to eat good or healthy, you’re on vacation!” or “Don’t worry about exercising, you’re on vacation!” This vacation mentality, when taken to the extreme and lasting for months, can lead to weight gain and rob your body of the much needed rest and healing it would benefit from with healthy food, exercise and adequate rest.

~ Natalie Butler
Nutrition Expert, Campus Calm

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