Youth Entrepreneurship Expert’s Tip of the Month – April

5 Steps to Successful Innovation for Entrepreneurs
-Brandon L. Griffin

Successful innovation, in my opinion, is having a new, unique idea, successfully turning it into a reality, and making an impact. I hope the following tips help you have long-term success with your idea waiting to come to life!

1. Plan to Sustain:

If you really want to have long term success with a business or idea, you should always think about staying in the game for the long run, especially when planning. Sometimes you have to go back to the very core of your business, and rethink everything with long-term success at the forefront. Make sure your business is built around the concept of long-term sustainability and profit and not short-term profit!

2. Believe in Your Product or Idea:

If you produce Ford cars and drive a Mercedes, do you really believe in your product? Do you really believe your product is the best investment? Leaders have to set a vision for the entire company and be sure to lead by example. Make sure that all members of the company are on one page, and moving in the same direction.

3. Know Your Partners:

Who are the partners that will play a part in the success of your idea or business? For example, who will be your customers? Who will be your investors? Who will help produce your product? Identify these groups, allow these groups to participate in discussions, and consider their input extremely valuable. Be sure to let them know how valuable their input is as well!

4. Behold the Power of People:

Leadership of a company should identify early in the planning of the business, the vision and values of a company and integrate it into every aspect of the company. As an individual realize the importance of networking, and creating effective networks to help you accomplish tasks and objectives within your company or to bring your idea to life.

5. Know Who Your Cheerleaders Are:

Your cheerleaders can be your friends, family, mentors, investors, etc. Everyone, however, is not a cheerleader. These are individuals who no matter what the situation may be will always give you encouraging words. Cheerleaders will present problems, or identify potential road blocks, and HELP you create a solution. Don’t forget you also have some people who are cheering for another team. This is ok too, just be sure to keep your eye on the ball, and don’t let it get out of sight.

~Brandon L. Griffin
Youth Entrepreneurship Expert, Campus Calm

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