College Planning Expert’s Tip of the Month – April

College life can become somewhat routine. Wake up for classes, find time to study, exercise and hang with friends. Sometimes you never leave campus for weeks! I remember that when I was at The University at Buffalo, I went to a movie theatre off campus. I was sitting in the theatre feeling bizarre. I realized it was because I hadn’t left campus in about five weeks! I had created my own little micro-environment on campus and visited the same 4-5 places all the time; my dorm, the cafeteria, classes, some hang-outs… that was it! So, in essence, I was living in a bubble and when I left the bubble, I felt uncomfortable – in a good way!

So what’s the lesson here? Well, there is an obvious one… Get off campus and break up your routine a bit! Don’t get caught up doing the same 4-5 things for 4-5 weeks! Routines are good because they allow us to get things done, but they are also fun to break every now and then!

The deeper lesson is to break out of your own personal bubble sometimes. Your own behavior can become a habit and it is fun to break out of it and feel uncomfortable – in a good way!

~David Mammano
College Planning Expert, Campus Calm

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