Nutrition Expert’s Tip of the Month – April

Big Meal = Fatigue

The worst thing to do when you are hungry and need energy, is binge and overeat. When food enters your mouth and stomach, it causes your digestive system to send out signals to the rest of your body that allows all attention, energy and focus be put into digesting, absorbing and transporting nutrients. Large meals cause excessive signals to be released, which can very quickly cause fatigue and exhaustion after mealtime. High fat meals also contribute to after meal exhaustion because the GI tract has to work harder and longer to digest fats. High sugar meals cause quick rises in blood sugar but which lead to sugar crashes, which definitely results in fatigue, weariness and exhaustion. So if you want to satisfy your hunger without wishing for a nap all day, eat light meals (usually ½ of regular portions served), lower in fat, and limit refined, simple carbohydrates.

~Natalie Butler
Nutrition Expert, Campus Calm

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