Recent College Graduate Expert’s Tip of the Month – April

3 Surefire Ways to Drive Your Boss Crazy
By Nancy Barry
Author of When Reality Hits: What Employers Want Recent College Graduates to Know

Every manager has a list of pet peeves. You should avoid doing anything you know is going to drive your boss nuts. Oh sure, there are days when it would be fun to do something to send him or her over the edge. But if you want to have a successful career, I wouldn’t go there.

Here’s a short list of things you’ll want to avoid. You’ll want to ask your boss what drives them crazy, so you can have a complete list of things not to do.

Constant interruptions

Do interruptions drive you crazy? Every time we’re interrupted, it pulls us away from what we are focused on. If you constantly interrupt your boss with one question at a time, you’re going to drive her nuts. Put yourself in her shoes. If you were sitting in your office working on a big project, and every five minutes someone interrupted you, wouldn’t you be frustrated?

Schedule a convenient time to meet with your manager. List everything you want to discuss, and prioritize the list, so the most important things get covered. If you run out of time, you can schedule a follow-up meeting or send an e-mail with additional questions. One day, when you’re the boss, you’ll want a team who does this for you.

Not taking notes
If you don’t take notes, your boss will wonder if you’re going to be able to remember everything discussed. Even if you think you’ll remember, you may not. If someone says something and you write it down, you’re signaling what that person said was important. This applies to your boss, clients, and colleagues.

Being a clock watcher
I’m a big believer in balance. I don’t think people should work extremely long hours, but there are some managers who will go nuts if you leave your office every single day at 5 p.m. They need to see you there “after hours” every once in a while.

The relationship you have with your boss is critical to your success. If you’d like to learn more about dealing with bosses, I encourage you to pick up a copy of my book, When Reality Hits: What Employers Want Recent College Graduates to Know. You’ll love the chapter – Bosses: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

~Nancy Barry
Recent College Graduate Expert, Campus Calm

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