Communication Expert’s Tip of the Month – March

The Facts of Communication
by Professor Joe Martin

I was recently speaking at a student leadership workshop, when a dear friend passed on some interesting information about communication. I summarized the information below, and I believe if you want to communicate more effectively, you should consider the following facts:

People can: Speak at 150-200 words per minute (wpm) Hear at 450-600 wpm. Now you can see why a monotone professor can put an insomniac to sleep.

People forget: 66% of what they hear within 24 hours of hearing it once. That’s why repetition is the mother of skill. You can never hear the same message too much. Now you can see why parents can justify lecturing so much.

People remember:
11% of what they hear
30% of what they see
50% of what they see and hear
70% of what they do
90% of what they say and do

This is amazing! If you want to remember anything worthwhile, you must become fully engaged (see, speak, and do) in the process.

93% of ALL communication is non-verbal.
7% = words
38% = voice and gestures
55% = non-verbal

During a typical 16-hour day, people spend 70% (11 hours) of their time communicating. The breakdown of that communication is as follows:

45% = listening = 5 hours
30% = speaking = 3 hours
16% = reading = 2 hours
9% = writing = 1 hour

Use these facts to your advantage to help boost your effectiveness as a communicator. Before you can win the game, you must first know the rules. Now you do.

~Joe Martin
Communication Expert, Campus Calm

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