Mental Health Survivor Expert’s Tip of the Month – February

So you made it through the holidays and into the New Year. Most of you have been back at school for at least a couple of weeks and are starting to get into the routine for the semester. February is a short month and most people spend it just waiting to get through mid-terms to get to spring break. I’ll give you my spring break tip in March. For now I think the most important things to be thinking about are 1). not letting the cold weather depress you, because it’s almost gone and 2). taking some time to reflect on any emotional experiences you had while you were home.

Maybe your parents or family got on your nerves and you’re glad to be gone, maybe you had a reconnection with an ex from home that you still like or maybe you’re wondering if being away from home is the best thing. No matter what you may have gone through now that you have some space and time it may be good to think about anything that came up over the holidays and what you can do to make relationships closer that aren’t or how to cut down on the holiday stress for next year! There’s only 328 shopping days left until Christmas!

If this first paragraph doesn’t apply to you maybe this one will. With everyone thinking about spring break and where they are going you may be worried because you aren’t going anywhere or doing whatever you can to get the perfect beach body before you go. Most campus gyms are packed right now with a lot of people freaking out about what they look like. Guys are trying to tone up and get big and girls are trying to slim down and hit the tanning bed so their skin doesn’t hurt people’s eyes when they lay out. Body image is a huge concern in our country and if you’re in this mode of getting that spring break body remember to take care of yourself. It’s not worth developing a complex for one week. Most people with eating disorders will really be stressing out around this time, so take a deep breath and find a healthier way to view spring break. You won’t be able to enjoy the beaches if you hurt yourself in this upcoming month anyway. And if you don’t have an eating disorder or body image problems, then take some time to help your friends who may. It’s hard to get through the way they see themselves, but some encouraging words and some quick research may be able to help you. If you’re not going anywhere for spring break don’t worry about it. There’s always next year.

~Ross Szabo

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