College Planning Expert’s Tip of the Month – February

I remember when I was in college, it was so hard to find time to be alone and think. Everything was moving so fast with friends, classes, activities and of course, the parties. I graduated in 1991, and I know the world is moving even faster today. My question for current students is this: “Where do you go to spend time for yourself?” This is so important. Everyone needs a little cave time just to take a deep breath and find their happy place. Even NASCAR racecar drivers take a pit stop. Have you planned yours lately?

Find a place outdoors, or maybe a quiet place in the library. Or go for a hike. And take a deep breath and just think. It’s the best “life” detox there is. But most people don’t schedule time for themselves. And yes, you must schedule this activity. Otherwise, you won’t do it.

As a business owner, I plan a “top of the mountain day” once a month. This day is awesome for me! I go someplace quiet and serene and just read, think and catch up on some things. It’s very peaceful and really gets me back on track.

So, I challenge you right now to schedule your “top of the mountain” time. Make it happen!

~David Mammano

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