Body Image Expert’s Tip of the Month – February

Ah love. Once again, it seems that commercialized holidays are set up expressly to make us feel inadequate.

This Valentine’s Day take a good hard look at the truth instead of the distorted, Hallmark version. You are lovable, no matter what shape you are in. And further, your weight doesn’t matter; it is your health that’s important. Try to shift conversations about the scale to focus on wellness this February.

Forget a boyfriend or girlfriend—the real question is, do you love yourself? If the answer is no, start doing a meta-meditation for self-acceptance (even if the answer is yes, this meditation can do wonders). Close your eyes and repeat the following line to yourself: “May I know the beauty of my own true nature. May I learn to love myself. May I be at peace.” The rush of wellbeing is better than any chocolate high or forced smooch.

~Courtney E. Martin

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