Career Planning Expert’s Tip of the Month – January

Let’s talk about a new year and a new you – and by that I mean a new online image! I could seriously write a long essay just on cleaning-up your online image. It’s that important. I frequently present to university student groups and talk to them about what they can do to jump-start their career search. And the very last item that I cover is cleaning-up your online image.

Now, I purposely save this item for last in my presentation because I honestly believe it is the one thing that all students must do. And when I’m giving my talks, I literally preach to my college students that you need to know what is out there on the web about you because other people could post images or comments about you and you don’t want to be surprised.

And I’d like to share a brief story that always catches everyone’s attention: So I will share it with everyone now, too. I have a client whose dad is the second in command at a highly recognized and regarded international firm. Now, she told me that her dad asks her to “friend” prospective job candidates for his firm for him on Facebook so that he knows about this person before they even get into the first-round interview with them. Now, I had heard of this happening through the grapevine but when my client told me that she actually did this for her dad, I really started preaching to students about being very careful about what they post about themselves online! So, start the new year off on the right foot and create a new and clean online image for yourself!

~ The Résumé Girl, Lauren Hasson

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