College Planning Expert’s Tip – December

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What do you want to be when you “grow up?”

Ahhh, the pressure is mounting… can you feel it? Shortly you’ll have to decide what career you’re going to do for the rest of your life!

Have no fear. Just begin the process with some clear thinking. And clear thinking begins with small steps.

First of all, ask yourself this question: “What hobbies do you have that you wish you could get paid for?” Wow – can you imagine if you get paid to do something that you enjoy doing anyway??? Stop imagining – let’s make it happen! People do it all the time. Do you think Tiger Woods would be golfing anyway? This is an extreme example but why not take it for yourself?

America is a great place. You can actually get paid for doing something you like doing anyway. So take advantage of this!

Here is an action plan:

1) Write down three things you like doing for hobbies

2) Take an assessment test to find potential careers/majors that match your innate personality. We’re all born with “factory installed equipment,” meaning that when we’re born, 65% of who we are is pre-determined. The rest is made up from family and environment. This explains why you may be completely different from your sibling even though you both have the same parents. There is a good free test at:

3) Write down your hobbies and the career suggestions from your assessment.

4) Now that you have these options laid out in front of you, it’s time to explore! What’s the best way to explore these options?

a. An internship
b. A part-time job
c. Shadowing a person in the field for a day
d. Pick up the phone book (yellow pages) and call five people in your field of interest! Yes, most people will say yes. Most people have an affinity for helping youth with their future.

These actions will allow you to pursue it even more or better yet, cross it off your list and move on!

When I was in high school, I wanted to be a dentist. I did an internship and realized that I didn’t have any love for teeth! (I later realized that the only reason I wanted to be a dentist was because my mother’s cousin was one and he had a huge house and a red Porsche – not a good reason to choose a career!).

Then I decided I wanted to be a TV reporter. Once again, I did an internship at my local NBC affiliate. Guess what? I crossed another career off my list. The internship allowed me to realize that being a news reporter was not my calling.

So now you have an action plan! Start now! Email me at if you need more direction.

Good luck!

~ David Mammano
Founder, Next Step Publishing

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