Youth Entrepreneurship Expert’s Tip of the Month – November

As we prepare for Thanksgiving and think of things that we are thankful for, let’s not forget the things young entrepreneurs have to be especially thankful for!

Top 4 Things Young Entrepreneurs Should Be Thankful For
(in no particular order)

1. Mentors – Seasoned professionals love to share advice with youth to help them reach a higher level of success. (Take a look at

2. Family – Family is the foundation of your support system. They may also be known as “investors.” :-)

3. McKelvey Foundation – Did you know if you are a young entrepreneur and a senior in high school you could qualify to receive up to a $40,000 scholarship from the McKelvey Foundation? For more details see the November/December issue of FyeBye Magazine or visit

4. Age – Age? Yes, age! Be thankful that you have the ability to do what you do at such a young age. This will allow you to achieve some things others have waited their whole lives to do, and allow you more time to give back to the community! By the way, media loves young entrepreneurs.

I hope the above things spark your mind to think of all of the opportunities that there are available to young entrepreneurs – opportunities that should not be taken for granted!

~Brandon L. Griffin

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