Body Image Expert’s Tip – November

Thanksgiving always makes weight-focused women a little bit crazy. We either fetishize it—“This is the one day year I let myself eat whatever I want!”—and then totally overeat, or make gross pacts with ourselves about how we aren’t going to go overboard this year—“Don’t even look at that pumpkin pie!”—and then end up feeling deprived and isolated.

This year, try a new approach: mindfulness. When you fill your plate with the beautiful home cooked food that either you or someone you love has prepared, think about how thankful you are for it. Revel in the shape, texture, smell, taste as you savor (not gobble) it down. Then take a deep breath and check in with your stomach. Do you want more? Then get more. Are you full? Then go play a game or start that long overdue conversation with your great aunt Sally. Whatever you do, don’t catasrophize. It is just one day.

~Courtney E. Martin

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