20 Something Crisis Survival Expert’s Tip of the Month – November

As Thanksgiving approaches, reminders to be grateful for what we have in life are upon us. Practicing gratitude ALL year round is a key to sanity. This holiday season, I am going to encourage you to take a conscious step to add an extra awareness to how you express gratitude. It is very common to list all the things you are grateful FOR or that you HAVE. . . health, family, the roof over our head, and so on. But how often do your lists of gratitude include statements that are solely about who you ARE?

This Thanksgiving, consider making a list of self-gratitude – spread some love to all those parts of you that are neglected, or shut down, or just not celebrated nearly enough. Thank yourself for having the courage to look for a new job, being open to falling in love, showing compassion to your friends, practicing frugalness to achieve more financial balance, demonstrating enthusiasm by going to the gym, expressing creativity, or loving yourself enough to break a bad habit.

Put the self-appreciating, “I am” into your gratitude practice. Even bring love and lightness to the things you are not that fond of about yourself. For example, I am not a very patient person and I criticize myself for that. But I can bring light and gratitude to this quality simply by shifting my awareness to: “I am grateful that I am aware of my impatience and am practicing slowing down.”

So start now! Write your own self-reflective gratitude list – acknowledge yourself, your accomplishments, your characteristics, what you have learned, your willingness to make your first Thanksgiving turkey (that’s one of mine) or even just the fact that each day you get yourself out of bed. Self appreciation and recognition is not only self-loving, it creates a more loving energy field around you; thereby, attracting and radiating more love out to all the people and things you are grateful for.

~ Christine Hassler

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