Career Planning Expert’s Tip – October

Let’s talk student stress and careers: I remember that I was stressed about my future career when I was just a sophomore in high school! It’s funny – looking back, I think to myself, “Why was I so worried about my career at such a young age?” But at the time this was such a huge worry for me. I thought every decision I made would significantly affect my future career from grades to activities to community involvement.

So I have been there and know exactly what kind of stress students are feeling. But the good news is that I survived the career search process. In fact, I’ve made it through several career search processes and learned some very valuable lessons along the way that I would like to share with students who are worrying about their career right now.

So, what I tell students who are stressed about their career search is to remember four things:

1. Stop thinking of a career as a means of “saving your life.” A job is not a life and it cannot make you happy.

2. Stop thinking of your first career search and job as a destination and start thinking of it as part of a life-long journey. Your first job will more than likely not be your last so relax about finding the perfect position.

3. Relax about the career choices you will make. Try something and if you don’t like it try something else.

4. Get organized and create an action plan/road map that you will follow. This really helps when you feel like you have so much to do and very little time to do it all.

~ The Résumé Girl, Lauren Hasson

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